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  • How can I order?
    Simply follow these steps: 1- From a computer or laptop, click on "Order Now" From Cell Phone, click on the 3 hyphens in the top right corner and hit "Order Now". 2- Select the item you want. 3- Select the taste, the ingredients and the quantity (customize). 4- Check out (add any special requests such as delivery date/ time, spices ... etc) 5- Enter the required information and select "Place Order". You will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you as soon as your order is ready. We will also provide you with the tracking number if shipping is required. If you need any further assitance, watch the video ...
  • Do I need to create a profile to order?
    No, unless you want to check out faster, or to receive updates and news on what's new.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity?
    Yes, it depends on the product you wish to order. Details are available in the description of every product.
  • Do you have delivery or shipping services?
    Yes! we deliver locally within 10 miles from Fairfax for free if the order is above $100. All orders below $100 are subject to $20 delivery (shipping) fee. It's imprtant to note here that some deliveries (shipments) cost us more that $20, but we are keen to reach everyone any where in the US.
  • Are all meats Halal?
    Yes! All meats we use are absolutely certified Halal.
  • Where you get your ingredients from?
    Our suppliers are VDH approved and authorized. They provide us with all the ingredients we need to produce our food.
  • Do you produce everything on your website? Or some of it is ready made?
    Yes, we actually do produce everything ourselves, we don't have anything that is ready made. We know how hard is to achieve the authentic taste and we do it the old fashion way no matter how hard, or how long it will take.
  • Who are you and where you are located?
    We are a Syrian family who is very passionate about our authentic food. Operating from a commercial kitchen with the help pf a great team, we are a registered business, licensed and insured in the state of Virginia to produce, cater and deliver food. We don't have a location right now, so we only sell online.
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